Cliveden Design is an upscale Interior Design consultancy working with High Net Worth individuals who are looking for high quality Interior Design with highly personal service.

The business was running well but wanted to grow so we were asked to help them develop a 3 year plan to build the business. We used our tried and tested planning process – starting with our Business HealthCheck, then developing the Business Strategy, then the Sales and Marketing strategy and plan. We worked closely and collaboratively with the business owner to ensure we fully understood the business and could build a plan that really matched Gill’s vision and future desires for the business.

We’ve created a clear plan with step by step objectives and deliverables for Gill to build the Cliveden Design Business in a sustainable way staying close to her values and original vision.

When I first launched my Interior Design business; Cliveden Design most of my projects came from friends, family and their referrals. I wanted to grow the business and this is where Steve and his team came in – helping me to analyse my current approach and what I wanted it to be in the future in terms of overall goals, whilst addressing detailed objectives.

What they were able to deliver for me were recommendations on: positioning, pricing, and marketing for Cliveden Design. Also, by working with me to create a list of actions, and some great tips on networking and social media – I feel like I have a tool-kit that I can continue to use ongoing.

This framework has really helped me to focus the business, and what I really like is that the team check-in with me on a regular basis to see how things are working, and to encourage me to stay on track!

Gill Hynes, Founder, Cliveden Design