Utilities contract business based around the UK

Around 200 operatives with a turnover of £50m

It had grown through its technology teams quickly, and the business wanted to engage staff, develop and create greater consistency throughout the teams

The programme

  • Delivered in manageable bite-sized sessions, over several months using one-on-one and group coaching sessions
  • Focussed on individuals streamlining their workloads,  core objectives, and overseeing projects effectively.
  • These new personal leadership skills improved the performance of the team, and helped individuals enjoy greater personal success along with impacting the bottom line.


  • Instalcom is an advocate of the bespoke development programmes, and our unique approach.
  • Feedback showed the flexibility and accessibility of learning materials, with on-the-job, practical usage making a high impact.
  • To date Instalcom has put around 20% of its management team through our programmes specifically tailored to the needs of the business, with a commitment to extend to all levels across the company.


“Many of our team were sceptical at the outset. They were prepared to push back and question the approach… they embraced the challenge and won over even our most doubtful individuals, who now understand the benefits of such a tailored programme.

As a business, succession planning is a key part of our growth strategy and we are confident the programmes are preparing our managers to continue the next chapter of the Instalcom success story”.

Paul Alderton
Communications Director, Instalcom