As with many retailers the past year has been challenging but we’ve been lucky enough to work with a new brand, driven by entrepreneurs who wanted to build a new and exciting business.

New Day was conceived out of Covid as the Founders looked at where there were opportunities within retail fashion. They developed the New Day concept. Squarely aimed at offering meaningful apparel – stylish, sustainable, beautiful to wear and unique – targeted at people who appreciate great design and quality whilst being responsible consumers by being kind to the Planet.

The New Day team developed clear purpose, mission and values identifying a clear niche for them. All the designs are original, created by independent young talent and produced using sustainable materials.

Coleville were approached to help the fledgling business get started in the right way from Day 1 so we spent time with the Founders to help create a clear business strategy and plan based on our HealthCheck process. One of the key challenge areas for the business early on is cashflow so we’ve focussed on helping them get all the Commercials organised and helped the business get the money they need to be able to drive early sales volumes and success.

Steve and Coleville have been great in helping us get our plans together for our new start up, New Day Originals (a sustainable casual clothing brand launching Nov 2020).
We went through a great Business Health Check with them which helped us uncover areas to focus on. They gave us lots of good practical advice on strategy and commercial planning. They are now helping us with hands on support to get funds to help our cashflow through grants and loans. The team are also looking at our overheads and how we can make savings on utilities.
In terms of marketing the team have given advice on go to market and ecommerce strategy. They provide regular advice & coaching on our social media strategy and have pulled in teams of experts to assist us. Highly recommend!

Finula Crowe, Founder and Owner