Our partners

These partnerships enable us to offer leading technology and expertise capabilities to our clients.


We use LMI Leadership development programmes to help leaders from CEO to first timers to help them be more focussed, productive and successful. Using regular interactive sessions, multi-sensory techniques and on the job training we develop leaders throughout your business resulting in a typical 20% increase in productivity.

Leadership Management® International was founded in 1966, and is a World Leader in organisational and leadership development, with products and services accessible in more than 25 languages and in over 80 countries.

GC Index

We use the GC Index to help individuals make the greatest impact in their careers and help companies organise their employees to achieve higher levels of business outcome. It’s all about impact – it helps recruit people for the impact they want to make, value people for the impact they do make and develop people for the impact they have the potential to make.

GC Index is working in 31 countries with over 800 companies. Ranked by Gartnor as a COOL VENDOR they say… “The GC Index offers an innovative framework for measuring and improving organizational culture. It focuses on finding out how individuals prefer to contribute — and therefore have their biggest impact — while feeling satisfied in their roles.”

The process involves a short online questionnaire, a 90 minute session where we work with individuals to understand their profile and then help them make more of a difference to your bottom line.

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We use zokri to help businesses align from top to bottom and making the most of their most valuable asset – time. A straightforward, user friendly employee engagement platform where all levels of your organization enjoy the benefits of clarity and alignment, and coordinate effectively to achieve goals.

Zokri is aimed at helping businesses develop great OKRs by focussing on the metrics behind growth. It provides excellent integrations with just about every tool a business is likely to use making it simple for teams to use.

We particularly like it’s wellness features allowing you to track how engaged, satisfied or happy your team are – you may not be in the office together but you can get a direct pulse on how the teams feeling.

ibd Business Advice Group

As an Accredited member of the ibd Business Advice Group we have access to all their experience and resources. Tried and tested audit approaches as well expertise with Research and Development Tax Credits, Business grants, strong procurement buying power and sales agency resources.

Established in 2004 it has helped thousands of UK business owners get their businesses to the next level by providing practical help and advice.

It is regularly recognised by the industry, just recently Finance Monthly has just awarded it as Best Small Business Adviser of the Year


We work with Firehaus to use their creative and innovation models to help companies grow their brand through creative thinking.